Block Printing

Hand Block Printing:

 Hand Block Printing is an ancient and centuries old, art driven process of printing patterns on fabric and textiles. 

 Its an intricate and art driven process. A drawing of the design is made on a teak wooden block which is then hand carved and chipped and finally dipped into the dye and color which is specially made using eco-friendly colors.

 The wooden block is then stamped by hand onto the linen, cotton or silk fabric and the process is continuously repeated till the fabric or the final product is complete. This process takes a lot of skill, artisan expertise and time which is absolutely worth it as the whole process and each final product is an absolute piece of hand made art.

 Each and every piece is hand made so no two products can ever be similar. We are the largest manufacturer and exporters in India, UK, Canada, USA and Australia. 

Block Printing

Our Team and Equipment:

 Including trained and skilled craftsmen, our machines and equipment’s are up to international standards ensuring the best quality products. 

 Our team has a combined experience of over 15 years in the industry including our senior designer who has studied from the prestigious London College of Fashion bringing a lot of style and essence to our products. The owner has over 35 years of Business Experience ensuring excellence in all areas of the Business and making sure the Clients are always happy and well looked after, as we keep our Clients on top of everything else.

Our Clients:

We maintain long term relationships with all our Clients. Our Clients include Fashion Stores, Retail Chains, Boutiques, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Corporates & Personal Consumers.

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