Yellow Printed Floral with white Base Double Bed Sheet with Two Pillow Covers

Yellow Printed Floral white Base Double Bed Sheet with Two Pillow Covers

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100% Cotton Block Printed Bed Sheet ( Yellow Printed Floral white Base Double Bed Sheet ) . Ideal for daily use. This will surely give your bedroom a lush and a cozy feel.

– Hand Block Printed
– 35 C Machine wash
– Durable Colours
– 100% Cotton Material
– Size : King size
– Come with two pillow covers


* All our items are hand crafted with a lot of skill & artisan and since the product is hand made with very detailed work, at times it may have slight imperfections that adds to the value, beauty and gives it a vintage look.

* Please note that this is a hand crafted product & whilst we do our best to photograph and showcase all our products, the color may slightly vary to what is shown in the picture due to light, shade and configuration of your Computer.


All our items are very well hand made packed with a personalized note from us and we always make sure that the item reaches you in a perfect condition.

* If you buy more than one item at the same time, then it may still incur an additional postage charge due to additional volume and weight.


*Come with two pillow covers.


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